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The brothers have a long and varied history in Electronic Music and post punk/rock. In the late 80’s John played with tribal/experimental group Crash Worship. After several record releases and tours with Crash Worship he and Will began the post punk/art rock collective Physics – an experimental group born of German Minimalism and Glenn Branca’s guitar army. Physics toured and released various records through a host of labels (Gravity Records, GSL, Neurot Recordings.) Out of the ashes of Physics, John and his brother, Will, started the electronic band, Sonic Solutions Incorporated or SSI. SSI released three records. Concurrent with these endeavors, John started two record labels, The Way Out Sound, which featured an eclectic group of global experimental musicians (Muslimgauze, Merzbow, Heavy Vegetable, etc.), and Chlorophyll Records which featured releases by SSI, Point Loma (Nortec Collective), as well as John’s solo music project, The Silver Wizard. As a producer and guest artist, he  has worked with the likes of Neurosis, Chris and Cosey, Spacetime Continuum, HIA. Besides these musical endeavors, John is an avid bagpiper and plays throughout the Pacific Northwest as “Cascadia Piper.” He also runs a print publishing company, Serigraphic Systems, Inc. The company produces small editions of screen prints, working with various artists including Kofie, Shepard Fairey , Cleon Peterson, Remi Rough and many others.